2014 World Press Photo winners in the Nature category

The World Press Photo awards is one of the world’s best known photography contests, being organized by independent, non-profit organization with the same name. Each year, thousands of incredible photographs are being submitted, with only a few being chosen as the best. There are several other categories, but what I find most interesting is the Nature category, which has two sections, Singles and Stories. The first one awards a single photograph, while the second one, Stories, awards a set of photos on the same subject (more like photojournalism). This year, almost 100,000 photographs entered the contest and the winners have just been announced, so let’s take a look at them:

3rd Place (Singles) – Shangzhen Fan
Two wild dogs walking through the snowy desert in Xinjiang, China, in November, at the beginning of the mating season.

2nd place (Singles) – Markus Varesvuo
A flock of Guillemots caught in a snowstorm in Vardo, Norway.

1st place (Singles) – Bruno D’Amicis
A photo of a fennec fox illegally kept in a sheep pen in the Kebili Region, Tunisia.

3rd place (Stories) – Christian Ziegler
A set of photos taken in the Salonga National Park in DR of Congo, documenting the Bonobo, our closest living relative.

2nd place (Stories) – Kacper Kowalski
Arial photos of sever pollution caused by power plants, mines or different industrial facilities.

1st place (Stories) – Steve Winter
A series of incredible photos showing cougars in their natural habitat.

After the awards ceremony which will take place in Amsterdam, the traditional annual photo tour will start, the winning photographs being exhibited all around the world for everyone to enjoy. I saw the exhibition in Bucharest, about two years ago and it’s great if you want to take a closer look and read more about the photos. To read more about the awards and the photographs, head over to the foundation’s website.

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