Post image for “The Door to Hell”, Amazing Phenomenon in Turkmenistan

Located in the middle of Karakum desert in Turkmenistan (former Soviet Union), the crater near the Derweze (Darvaza) village is famous all around the world as “The Door to Hell” and it’s not hard at all to figure out why, because this 80-foot (25 meters) deep and 230-ft (70 meters) wide hole is home to an extremely odd phenomenon, burning for more than 40 years. So what exactly happened over there? [Click here to read more…]

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Whether it’s called subway, underground, U-bahn or metro, underground trains is perhaps the most popular public transportation in big cities all around the world. By taking the subway you usually get rid of one of the biggest problems faced by large cities today, which is horrible car traffic. However, even though you get to your destination a lot faster, for tourists, they clearly aren’t as attractive as surface transport, because you can’t actually see anything. And who wants to go somewhere without being able to enjoy the place? But there are some places in the world where the subway itself is an attraction, because there are some stations that simply make you say “Wow!”. Let’s take a look at some of them, considered by many the most beautiful subway stations in the world. [Click here to read more…]

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Nobody likes to waste time sitting around and waiting for delayed flights, missed connections, wandering between terminals or waiting for luggage. But there are some airports in this world that are such masterpieces that any moment they could be turned into tourist attractions.

And that’s a great thing, because when you arrive somewhere for the first time, the airport is usually the thing that gets you the first impression about that place (and we all know how much this first impression counts). And in some parts of the world local authorities care about these first impressions and about the fact that we like clean, well-organized and modern airports and built some breathtaking structures that impress visitors. [Click here to read more…]

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Some time ago I was reading about this Japanese fishing boat that was flushed out to sea by the 2011 tsunami and which ended up drifting somewhere off the coast of British Columbia, around the Haida Gwaii archipelago. Anyway, last week I also visited the Greek island of Zakynthos, whose main attraction is the Navagio beach, home to a beautiful shipwreck, which looks absolutely fantastic on the white sand/blue water background.

According to UNESCO estimations, there are currently more than 3 million shipwrecks around the world. And while most of them are lying on the ocean floor there are some that weren’t sunk and today create a picturesque landscape with a mysterious legends around them. So let’s see which ones are the most famous or the most beautiful [Click here to read more…]

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Whether we’re talking about poker, slot-machines, roulette or Black Jack, gambling is definitely one of the most popular entertainment activities on the planet, even though some people see this as a serious addiction. And wherever you go, whatever destination you choose, from North America to the Middle East, Africa, Europe or Asia it’s almost impossible not to find a casino and all of them have one thing in common: they “help” you lose money or if you’re really lucky, even win something. And let’s face it, what other place can make a rational human beings go back after losing 99 times out of 100 just to remember that one time when they won.

To make a list with the world’s largest, most exclusive or spectacular casinos would probably take a long time, but that didn’t stop us from trying to bring you the most famous, exclusive and beautiful casinos in the world. [Click here to read more…]

Post image for The Great Dune of Pyla – The “Sahara” of France

Who would’ve thought, even for just one second, that such a large geological formation, that looks like it belongs to the desert, can lie down in the beautiful Aquitania province in France, only 40 miles away from Bordeaux? Well, The Great Dune of Pyla is a rare geological phenomenon and a very popular tourist attraction, being the tallest sand dune in Europe.

If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Bordeaux, you’re just a one-hour drive away from seeing a fairytale place, the Great Dune of Pyla (or Pilat). Located in the Archanon Gulf, close to the Atlantic Ocean, the large sand formation has a total length of 1.5 miles, a width of 1,600 feet and it’s maximum height is 351 feet, while the estimated total volume of sand is 60 million cubic meters. [Click here to read more…]

Thumbnail image for 10 Natural Wonders That Could Disappear By 2050

10 Natural Wonders That Could Disappear By 2050

In the past 200 years, mankind registered an amazing progress both as number (in 1804 we were 1 billion, now we are 7) and technology. With this incredible growth, our needs also increased and we also pollute a lot more than we did in the past. Environmentalists all over the world try to make people […]

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The Oldest Hotels In The World

Ever since the first travelers started wandering the world, the need for accommodation also showed up. In times when the population number was a lot smaller, when people were more friendly and more confident in each other, there was the option of staying overnight in someone’s residence. But as travel grew, a new concept was […]

Thumbnail image for Unusual, yet amazing hotels across the world

Unusual, yet amazing hotels across the world

How would you like to stay in a former prison, a sewage pipe or in a cave? There are thousands of hotels across the world and while some stand out judging by their location or the amenities offered to guests, others are remarkable only considering the ideas behind them. While many hotels have swimming pools, […]

Thumbnail image for The City Limits: Amazing timelapse video by Canadian photographer

The City Limits: Amazing timelapse video by Canadian photographer

Canadian photographer Dominic Boudreault created this amazing video in which he combined images shot in several cities across North America. The timelapse montage was made from late 2010 through early 2011 and features images taken at nigh from the most popular places in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, New York and Chicago.

Thumbnail image for Hi-tech hotels of the world

Hi-tech hotels of the world

For the regular traveler, all you need in a hotel is a bed, a shower and something to eat and you’re more than happy. But times change and as technology advanced so did the hotel guests requirements. And when guests didn’t request it, hotels decided to offer all sorts of amenities to attract people from […]

Thumbnail image for Beautiful castles in Europe

Beautiful castles in Europe

We all grew up reading about castles in the history books and we don’t know about you, but we think these are some of the most amazing buildings in the world, looking spectacular and being filled with history. But what exactly are castles? The word comes from the Latin word “castellum”, a diminutive of “castrum” […]

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The New 7 Wonders of the World

I’m sure all of us grew up reading about the famous Wonders of the World, like the Egyptian pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. With only one of the original wonders of world still standing, in 2007, Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation started a major process of updating the wonders list, by […]

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World’s largest cruise ships

Cruises. Cruise ships. We’re sure everybody saw at least one episode of “The Love Boat” or one of the many movies that take place on a cruise and we’re also sure that a lot of people fell in love with idea of spending a few days on a cruise ship, partying, visiting a lot of […]

Thumbnail image for Romantic destinations for the honeymoon

Romantic destinations for the honeymoon

A perfect honeymoon is maybe the most important aspect you have to consider when deciding to get married. When wedding preparation tend to become a pain in the butt, at least make sure that, after it’s over, the relaxation will be guaranteed. The “back to nature” trend brings you back in the middle of wild […]

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Best ice hotels in the world

I’ve always found ice hotels to be amazing places, especially with them being so rare, due to the specific climate conditions they require. And I’m sure it’s not easy building and maintaining one every year, but still, there are thousands of people who would find the experience fascinating but who won’t travel thousands of miles […]