Canadian photographer Dominic Boudreault created this amazing video in which he combined images shot in several cities across North America. The timelapse montage was made from late 2010 through early 2011 and features images taken at nigh from the most popular places in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, New York and Chicago.

Using a high-resolution camera, Dominic took some amazing shots which, put together, created a fantastic journey through some of North America’s largest cities. According to the artist, this montage’s purpose was “to show the duality between city and nature” and he declared he was and is in a continuous search for new perspectives to transmit both the beauty and the speed of the world we live in today. Oh, and not to mention the soundtrack for this video is a song by Hans Zimmer, one of the most talented composers of our time, if you ask us. Enjoy the video below and if you want to see and read more about Dominic Boudreault, make sure you check out his website.

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