Top casinos to visit when travelling to Europe

Europe is a great place to visit if you’re going on holiday no matter which part of the world you are from, this is because depending on which part of Europe you go to get a very different experience compared to everywhere else in the continent. This along with fantastic history of Europe makes it a fantastic place to go and enjoy a great holiday. One kind of holiday that you might expect from Europe is a casino holiday, when most people think of casino holidays they think of Las Vegas and America. However this is not the case as many European countries have casinos much older than America and there is actually quite a heritage in terms of casino history in Europe.

Casino di Venezia, Italy

One such casino that is more than 500 years old is the casino di Venezia, this casino is based in Venice Italy was first built in 1509 and became incredibly popular. As it became more and more popular the casino decided that they needed to expand in order to offer more entertainment to the people of Venice and the tourists that visited, in order to do this they bought two other buildings in Venice as they could not expand their own due to the canals. To this day they still offer all the great games that you would expect from a casino.

Casino di Venezia Interior

A slightly less old casino can be found in London England, this hundred 50 year old casino is known as the Maxims club and is well-known for being a luxurious place to visit if you enjoy casino gaming.

Maxims Club Casino London

The casino has as you would expect every game that you could really want to play in a casino but with an extra touch of class.

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